Hot Yoga & Hot Bar Pilates

Our tradition of classical hot hatha yoga combines pranayama (breath control) and asana (yoga postures) to cultivate determination, concentration, self confidence and inner peace. With their decades long combined experience, HYT teachers lead with compassion, attention and playful intelligence. HYT invites students to explore the edges of their breath, bodies and minds in an open and safe environment where unpacking and expanding all the things listed above is celebrated and embraced. Your yoga practice begins right here.

Why so hot you ask? Believe it or not the heat is used to keep you comfortable and safe. When a blacksmith forges a new sword she heats up the metal to find its new shape and purpose. The benefits of the heat are limitless. The heat increases focus, stamina and prevents injury. Students new to hot yoga may find the heat a bit intimidating at first but your body and mind quickly acclimates with an established practice.


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***Mats & Towels are available for sale and rent

new Yogis                                                   visit studio or Online Store for Info & purchasing

(new as defined by no attendance in 12 months)
  • Drop In Single Visit $15
  • Introductory week unlimited $25
  • Introductory 10 Class Card $30 (to be used in 1st month) (Most Popular)
  • Introductory Month unlimited $39.99

Regular Yogis

  • Monthly Unlimited $99.99
  • Monthly Unlimited contract $99.99 (Unlimited Yoga/Pilates and 1 Salt Room Session with discounts on additional sessions) (best value)
  • Monthly Unlimited contract $79.99 (Visit Studio) (Most Popular)

Class Cards: 1 = $15, 5 = $70, 10 = $110, 20 = $200,

•Monthly Unlimited $99.99;

Non-Intro 5, 10, 20 class cards expire 3 months from date of purchase and can be shared with family and/or friends.