Robert - Teacher

Yoga sort of fell into my life… at the time I was ready to listen! Over the years, many friends had suggested yoga as a way to de-stress, become more physically fit and find some peace in life - but at the time I was too pre-occupied to stop long enough to give it a chance. About 4 years ago I actually needed something to focus on - and yoga surfaced to help provide that! I received my 200 hour training in Aug. - Sept. 2013 from Jimmy Barkan. It was the most rewarding experience of my life.




Katia - Teacher

I took my first yoga class 12 years ago after a sports related injury prevented me from doing  high impact exercise and have been practicing ever since.  Each time I roll out my mat, it is there for support, for protection. It helps me find balance, build strength and take rest.  It doesn't care if I'm tired, angry or unhappy.  My mat invites me to breathe, listen and give my full effort and awareness to what my body and mind need that day.  In return, I am given 2x6 square feet of space dedicated to me.


Mandi - Teacher

I was introduced to hot yoga in Winter 2010 and began teaching in Spring 2011.  Yoga has taught me what it means to truly let go and connect with my inner self. Each practice brings me a step closer to a journey of self-discovery and healing. I am grateful for the opportunity to share yoga with others through the Hot Yoga Therapy studio.